How it Works

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This is a simple program that allows you to manage your District’s IPM program. Parents and Guardians can sign up using a simple web based form. You can send out notices to everyone that signed up with the simple 72 Hour Notify page or the Emergency Notification Page.

What are the benefits of using

  • No more messing with email address issues (didn’t get it, can’t find it, went to spam, lost, etc.)
  • No more posting a notice, creating a poster, sending emails, etc.
  • DPR annual reports are automatically generated
  • Post in a minute
  • Parents can sign up themselves
  • Parents can remove themselves from the list
  • Annual letter is automatically generated
  • Many more time saving features, such as school sites can see everything for their site
  • School sites can answer parents questions about what was applied

Pricing for IPM Notice

We understand schools and that money should be spent on education.  That’s why there’s never hidden fees and a low annual cost.  Request a quote today at 310.947.9348 or on the web.

Dedicated Website Address for your District/School

When you sign up for an account, you will receive a unique website address in this format:   This will allow you to notify just the parents and gaurdians of your school district.

Is there a cost to the parents/guardians?


How do you know which pesticides I use?

Once you purchase an account, there will be some basic set-up work to do.  The easiest way to let us know which pesticides you use is to provide us with a copy of your annual notification letter.  From there we can upload your list or you can always choose to enter the pesticides you want.

Is it difficult to send an IPM notification?

No.  There are 6 fields to complete – 3 are drop down fields and 3 are text entry fields.  It takes about 10 seconds to complete the form.  After that, you just click send…and your done.

Recordkeeping – How long does it keep the integrate pest management records.

You are required to keep records for 4 years.  Our system maintains the records for 4 years.  If you would like to keep them longer, we can do that too.  In addition, we have built in fail-safe checks and balances to ensure that accidental deletions do not occur.

What’s with the front/home page of the website?

The front or home page of the site provides an snapshot interface for all the notifications that your district sends.  This allows parents to quickly check which sites and which pesticides have been applied.  It also serves as a public testament that your district made a notification and when it did so.

Email Messages – How many emails can I send?

You can send unlimited emails or more accurately, post unlimited notices.  In addition, our service complies with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, so you never have to worry about spam issues.

Subscribers – How many parents/guardians can sign up?

There is no limit.

What does the actual notification messages look like?

There are 2 standard email messages (one for emergencies and one for 72 hour notifications) contained in the program, but you can customize as many as you like.  The standard 72 hour notification looks like this:

“Dear Parent or Guardian,

At your request, we are writing to inform you about a specific pesticide that will be applied at your child’s school site. Please see below for detailed information. If you would like to review the Material Safety Data Sheet for this chemical, it is available upon request at the main office of your school site. If you have any questions, please contact me at.
Pesticide – Round UP
Active Ingredient – Isopropylamine salt of glyphosate
Manufacturer – Monsanto
EPA Number – 59240
School Site Name – Jefferson
Intended Date of Pesticide Application – 2011-07-08
Application Area – Playground
Reason for Application – Weeds
To learn more about this chemical visit California Department of Pesticide Regulation
This message was sent by Your District | 312 elm streeet | suite 2 | Redondo Beach | CA | 90908 | 310-799-9999 |

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